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John's first instrument was the drums, which he learned in middle school and continued to play in high school and beyond.  He even taught drum lessons at a local music studio, while in college.

"Back in the day", he realized that he could improve his odds of staying employed by learning how to play additional instruments. So he learned guitar, keyboard and bass and played all of these instruments in various bands at one time or another.

He is proficient in many styles including: Rock, R&B, Funk, and Jazz. In the late 90's, John formed Rocktapus, a one-man band that combined his own pre-recorded music mixed with live lead vocals and instruments to provide the sound of a virtual seven-piece band.  

Today, he uses his multi-instrumental talent and years of studio recording experience to make custom backing tracks for singers and/or dancers who need custom arrangements of a particular song or a musical accompaniment track that is not available as a karoke track.  Click on the Custom Backing Tracks link to hear samples.

All audio samples on this website feature John on all of the instruments and all vocals.

  • 1998 Gibson Les Paul Custom
  • '59 Re-issue Les Paul Standard
  • 2013 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
  • Taylor 514ce Accoustic Guitar
  • Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass
  • Line 6 Spider Twin 12 Amp
  • Line 6 POD 2.0
  • Cry Baby Wah
  • Korg Triton Studio Synth
  • Vintage Roland Juno 106 Analog Synth
  • Roland TD-30 KV Electronic Drums
  • Pearl Session Studio 5-piece drum kit with Black Beauty snare
  • Vintage Gretsch 6-piece Drum Kit wi Zildjian cymbals and Paiste Sound Edge hi-hats
  • ProTools Mac Project Studio with Mackie MCU PRO, KRK Rokit 8 Monitors and Neumann TLM-103, Audio Technica AT 4033a Shure SM-58 and SM-57 mics
  • Assorted Musical Instrument and Processing Plugins